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Would You Love Me? -CHAPTER 3-

South Korea, 25 November 2010
Incheon Airport --- 3.05 PM

Gain stood in crwoded people, she couldn’t sat calmy. She was sooo bored, tired and imagined resting from jet-lagged that she got. ‘But why I’m still here?’ She closed her eyes to keep her calm.

‘and where’s my so-called fiancee?’ Gain scoffed. She couldn’t hold it anymore. ‘AHHHHHH----!! How dare him make me waiting!’ She’s really want screaming out it loud.

'great! this is really great!!! That man, he will dead in my hand!' She swore in heart

-Thirty minutes later-

Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon arrived at the airport, confused at the commotion going on around him. He pulled out his phone intent to contacting his mother. But he immediately cancel it, he afraid get lectures from his mom.

‘How am I supposed to find her, I don’t know what’s her look likes...’ Kwon thought. But suddenly he remembered Mrs Jo gave him his fiancee’s pictures. He really mad with his mom so he didn’t bother to see her pictures. Then he quickly back to his car. ‘That’s it!’ he saw the pictures and took it, and quickly running back to inside the airport.

“Hmm, not bad..” he said himself. But actually she was a pretty girl that he’s seen on her pictures. “Hah, what was that? She’s not pretty! Yeah, she’s not!” he shook his head. He would’ve been interested but this isn’t the right time for him. This time he really need focused to his work.

But now he must searching his fiancee quickly. Somehow he felt bit guilty to her for making her waiting. ‘Where’s she?’ he began worried. Kwon looking around the airport then realised that he found nothing. He decided to check to arrival counter, hoping the plane was delay. But in fact she was arrived more than an hour ago, exact at 2PM.

Fifteen minutes later he gave up searching his fiancee . ‘Maybe she already leave the airport..’ He getting tired and decided to take his leaving. When he turned his way to exit-gate. Suddenly Kwon heard someone yelled.



Gain really lost her temper. “YAHH---!!!” She yelled, running straightly to someone who she recognise as her fiancee and pulled his collar with all power she had and made that person fell on the floor.

Gain panted and out-breathed. She was never have feeling so tired like now, getting departured from Australia and then should waiting her-dear-fiancee for more than two hours. All of her body get rigid and her mind couldn’t thought clearly.

Actually Gain didn’t know Kwon have been searched her, because she decided go to rest room and trying to make herself calm in there.

She wasn’t realised that people stared and made half circle around them. She finally getting her senses back after heard something.


Huff~ finally i’m able to finished this chapter. Feeling nervous hyaaa~
Thanks to everyone who read, review and gave me advice. It’s gave me idea and courage ^^
But I think this chapter still a long way from good and sorry for short update >,<
Hope you enjoy it!


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Liam Kei
Dec. 2nd, 2010 06:34 am (UTC)
hehehe so you did pair them up!!! good job yuukie!!! i totally love that their personalities are well portrayed here, the nagging, complaining Kwon and the YAH-shouting Gain hehehe...

when will you update this kiechan?!?!? it's time that "I" bug you now!!!

and you listen to gazette too!??!?! a jrock fan eh!??!? what about l'arc!?!?! hehehe, just hoping you're a fellow listener too...
Dec. 2nd, 2010 06:58 am (UTC)
wooo i'm so happy someone read this!!
and thanks for comment ^^

i'm gonna post an update next week,, being busy with my thesis >,<

actually i'm huge fan of jpop&jrock XDD
and of course laruku too~ :D
*i hope they'll going held concert in my country

what do you like to listen??
Liam Kei
Dec. 3rd, 2010 01:41 pm (UTC)
waaaaaah!!! super happy meeting another jpop/jrock fan then!!!
hehehe that's super!!! laruku is my pill too!!! and we listen to the same music too, being the jpop listener that i am too =P

uh, more on lar'c, and utada, and uh, haha morning musume back in their days =P

what country are you from!?!?? are you indonesian by chance!??! i wonder what your name is... i'm veronica btw =P
Dec. 4th, 2010 01:14 pm (UTC)
Re: waaaaaah!!! super happy meeting another jpop/jrock fan then!!!
woaaw~ really? i love utada too~ :D
i like listen from many genre from pop to rock, R&B, and also indie!! ^^

how did you know??! yep i'm indonesian and you can call me kie~ :D
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