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Would You Love Me? -CHAPTER 5-


26 November 2010
Gain’s Room --- 5.55 AM

Gain woke up from her sleep and open her eyes slowly as she stretches her arms slightly.
She motionless for awhile then got up and leaned on her bed. Her eyes scanning at entire her room. She felt unfamiliar with her room. ‘Pabo, I’m in Seoul now’ she slapped her forehead.

She still feel tired although last night she slept quite soundly. Yesterday was an exhausting day for her. ‘Yeah, Waiting your-fiance-who-should-fetched-you for almost three hours. If I didn’t have jet-lagged, he won’t just fell like that. Hmph, just forget about him!’ Gain shook her head.

Moreover last night she couldn’t barely to rest immediately because the mother of her fiance.

*Last Night*

“Gain-ah!” Mrs. Jo hugged her as soon she arrived at JK Mansion.

“Auntie--” Gain bowed to Mrs. Jo properly.

“Aigoo, Gain-ah. Don’t call me auntie.. just call me ommonie, okay?”

“Omma!! Don’t said—“ Mrs. Jo interrupted before Kwon finish his the sentence.

“Why? She’s your fiancee right. Soon she will be my daughter in law. Gain-ah, just ignored him. Just call me ommonie, okay. You don’t mind right?” Mrs. Jo looked at Gain smilingly.

What she could do just nodded. She didn’t have guts to argued with Kwon’s mom.

“But she just arrived here--” Mrs. Jo once again interrupted him.

“Omo, you right! why do you came so late? I thought you’ll arrive this afternoon..” Mrs. Jo ask them and invited Gain to sit on sofa, Kwonnie just stood beside her.

“Aish- Omma! Can you listen me for a second!” Kwon feel irritated with his mom.

“Okay. So, why were you so late, huh? Mrs. Jo looked at her son demandly.

“Uhm, It’s because—“ Kwon felt uneasy, he didn’t know how should answer his mom. No doubt his mother would be give him lectures. ‘But judjing her looks, I think she already know’ he thought darkly.“I think you already know, mom” Kwon looked at his mom nervously. “But it’s not entirely my fault, who expected to stucked in traffic” he reasoned.

“I just want both of you arrive earlier, so we can have dinner together” Mrs. Jo smiled at Jo Kwon.
Gain-ah, are you hungry?” Mrs. Jo asked Gain.

Gain shook her head. “No, ommonie. I didn’t feel hungry” she answerd to Mrs. Jo

“You look so tired, I think you should rest now. The maid will guide and bring your luggages to your room” Mrs. Jo tapped her shoulder gently and smiled to Gain.

“Thank you, ommonie. Good night” she bowed politely to Mrs. Jo and walked towards the stairs followed the maid to her room.

Gain rushly went to clean up when she got in the room and threw herself into king-size bed. Immediately fell asleep in five minutes.

*Back to Present*

‘What a really day..’ she sighed. Gain peeked the clock in her room, it was six in the morning. She tried to sleep again and closed her eyes for a minutes but couldn’t go back to dreamland. Then she gave up and reached her phone on her bedside.

She saw some messages. Mostly from her mother who asked about her fiance, and she just ignored it. Then she found a familiar name.

“It’s from JeA-unnie!!” she was surprised and delighted that her dearest unnie text her.

Gain-ah! It’s been long time!
How could you not tell me if you’re back to Korea!
But Don’t feel surprised that I know you’re in Seoul already~ kekeke
I’m your unnie, right? ^_~
Let’s meet up today! I can’t wait to see my dongsaeng~
I love you~ – Your beautiful unnie

Gain quicky replied her text to her.

Woa~ unnie! I really miss you!
You still make me surprised! How do you know that I’m already in Seoul?!?
Ah, forget about it,, you know me very well unnie.. keke
Let’s meet up! I really miss you unnie~~ *^^ *
It’s so great if we meet today,, I love you too my beautiful unnie~~
- Gain

‘Woa~ It’s been a long time I didn’t meet JeA-unnie..”

Gain met with JeA four years ago, she’s her sunbae at their college. She was Gain’s favorite sunbae, besides Narsha and Miryo. She miss them so much after their graduated. JeA and Narsha were returned to Korea, while Miryo went to States.

“I’ll suggest to JeA unnie if we can reunite, I want meet with Narsha-unnie and Miryo-unnie too~” she decided.

Gain feel so joy and she decided to take a bath. She quickly moved from her king-size bed and go to bathroom, washing up and dressed-up nicely, and didn’t forget to put her eyeliner. “Great” she once again checking herself into mirror.

She looked the clock and saw it’s already 7.45 am. ‘Time to go to down now’ she thought.

Gain was still in the middle of stairs when she heard someone greeted .

“Good morning, Gain-ah”


sorry for late updating huhu~
super busied till next week..
kinda short and boring but I hope you like it~ ^^
enjoy and happy holiday!! see you next year~ ^^/~~

Would You Love Me? -CHAPTER 4-


“Ouch--” Kwon was not sure what happened with himself. He rubbed his side, "Oww, it’s so painfull.." Kwon stood up but he didn't notice people was murmured and stared pitifully to him. ‘What’s going on here?’ he thought.

Then he finally remembered what just happened. Kwon was just one more step toward the exit and suddenly he heard a woman's yell and someone grabbed his collar and made him fell on the floor. 'yeah, very nice experience! today is really not my day...' he shook his head. He turns right away to see crazy man who did this to him.

Kwon gasped as he recognizes his fiancee, but he immediately composed himself. He doesn’t expect to meet his fiancee like this. He just stared at her a woman with short hair and had brown-colored eyes. ‘She has a petite body’ Kwon thought, And he just stood like that for minutes not being able to moved nor said something.

"Yah! Can you stop daydreaming!" Gain snapped make Kwon getting back his senses.

Kwon looked at the woman whose face looked very annoyed. "excuse me, miss. who are you?" he arched his eyebrow and examines the person standing in front of him.

“MWOHHH?!!” Gain shouted. ‘He didn’t know me?!!’ She couldn’t believe it. "You've got to be kidding me?!!" she shouted again.

“No, miss. I’m sorry, I really didn’t know you. Do we know each other?” Of course Kwon just pretended. He just wanna teased Gain for make him fell on the floor and embarassed him in front of people at the airport. ‘You’ll gonna pay this my dearest fiancee..’ he smirked silently.

She gritted her teeth. ‘This guy really getting my nerves!’ Gain thought. She’s so frustated and can’t think properly now. looks like there’s someone will be killed.

He looked at her weirdly and then he suddenly chuckled, his face looked so amused. ‘Her face too precious’ Kwon smiled look at her. “hahaha, I’m just kidding you know?” he can’t hold his laugh anymore.

“Yah! do you wanna dead?” Gain feel her anger rising up and kick his feet.

“Ow.. Yah! What’s wrong with you? Ow--” Kwon shouted to her and he rubbed his ankle.

“What?! I should kick your face you know!”

“Yah, you’ve just made me fell. It’s not enough for you?”

“You’ve made me waiting for three hours! Is this your manner to greet you fiancee?” Gain blurt out.

They keep argued, not notice people still staring both of them. “Aigoo.. they’re couple!” the old man said to his wife. “No, yeobo they’re fiancee!” said the old woman. “Aish, what is the difference..” his said again.

Realized that people still paying attention at them, Kwon and Gain stopped arguing.

Kwon knew looked by her face that his fiancee was tired and before they could fight again, he come towards her.
“Look, I’m sorry for making you wait. But that’s not entirely my fault” Kwon begun. “I know you tired, and I think we should stop arguing and leave this place quickly.” He then took Gain luggage.

Gain just nodded weakly, too tired to talk. She suddenly felt so powerless.

“This is only your luggage?” Kwon asked.

Gain shook her head and she pointed to back which all her five luggages waiting to be taken home.

“All these thing is yours??” His jaw dropped when he looked at her stuff.

“Yeah, anything wrong?” she’s asked him back and receiving a quizzical look from Kwon.

“No, nothing wrong. I just think you look like moving to my house” Kwon teased.

“Yah! Don’t make me to kick you once again!” she shouted to cover the shame when she heard him speak like that. ‘Aish, I should left it, but all that’s all my favorite—‘

“Let’s go.” his words making her broke from daydreaming.

“Uhm..” Gain nodded and following her fiance. ‘This day was very long dan tiring’ she thought.



Yeah! I’m finally finished this chapter hahaha..
Today I decided to take a break *escaped* from my thesis XD
Sorry for making you wait for so long,, yeah I know it's short so please forgive me

Hope you can enjoy it and sorry if this chapter make you disappointed >___<
I’m gonna update as soon as possible ^^
Bye~~~ *gotta back to my thesis* huhu


Would You Love Me? -CHAPTER 3-

South Korea, 25 November 2010
Incheon Airport --- 3.05 PM

Gain stood in crwoded people, she couldn’t sat calmy. She was sooo bored, tired and imagined resting from jet-lagged that she got. ‘But why I’m still here?’ She closed her eyes to keep her calm.

‘and where’s my so-called fiancee?’ Gain scoffed. She couldn’t hold it anymore. ‘AHHHHHH----!! How dare him make me waiting!’ She’s really want screaming out it loud.

'great! this is really great!!! That man, he will dead in my hand!' She swore in heart

-Thirty minutes later-

Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon arrived at the airport, confused at the commotion going on around him. He pulled out his phone intent to contacting his mother. But he immediately cancel it, he afraid get lectures from his mom.

‘How am I supposed to find her, I don’t know what’s her look likes...’ Kwon thought. But suddenly he remembered Mrs Jo gave him his fiancee’s pictures. He really mad with his mom so he didn’t bother to see her pictures. Then he quickly back to his car. ‘That’s it!’ he saw the pictures and took it, and quickly running back to inside the airport.

“Hmm, not bad..” he said himself. But actually she was a pretty girl that he’s seen on her pictures. “Hah, what was that? She’s not pretty! Yeah, she’s not!” he shook his head. He would’ve been interested but this isn’t the right time for him. This time he really need focused to his work.

But now he must searching his fiancee quickly. Somehow he felt bit guilty to her for making her waiting. ‘Where’s she?’ he began worried. Kwon looking around the airport then realised that he found nothing. He decided to check to arrival counter, hoping the plane was delay. But in fact she was arrived more than an hour ago, exact at 2PM.

Fifteen minutes later he gave up searching his fiancee . ‘Maybe she already leave the airport..’ He getting tired and decided to take his leaving. When he turned his way to exit-gate. Suddenly Kwon heard someone yelled.



Gain really lost her temper. “YAHH---!!!” She yelled, running straightly to someone who she recognise as her fiancee and pulled his collar with all power she had and made that person fell on the floor.

Gain panted and out-breathed. She was never have feeling so tired like now, getting departured from Australia and then should waiting her-dear-fiancee for more than two hours. All of her body get rigid and her mind couldn’t thought clearly.

Actually Gain didn’t know Kwon have been searched her, because she decided go to rest room and trying to make herself calm in there.

She wasn’t realised that people stared and made half circle around them. She finally getting her senses back after heard something.


Huff~ finally i’m able to finished this chapter. Feeling nervous hyaaa~
Thanks to everyone who read, review and gave me advice. It’s gave me idea and courage ^^
But I think this chapter still a long way from good and sorry for short update >,<
Hope you enjoy it!

Would You Love Me? -CHAPTER 2-


10 November 2010
JK’s Mansion --- 7.10 PM

Kwon choked. "engaged? mom, I think I'm misheard you"

"my son, I've said that for ten times, and you've been asked that for millions times” said Jo Kwon's mom

"what's wrong with you mom?" he asked her mom. 'and I just said that twenty times' Kwon rolled his eyes

"nothing, I just want to see you married with someone.. I want retired and enjoy my old age with lovely grandchildren" his mom reasoned

"you're kidding mom!" Kwon didn't believe her mom

"why do you think I'm kidding you?" Mrs Jo asked

"this is so suddenly, unexpectedly!" 'and I don't have any plan get married this year!' Kwon really get nerves

"why not?" Mrs Jo asked him again

"you're crazy mom! I think you get influence by dramas.." he accused

"you think? oh, you're really smart my son!" his mother said with sparkled eyes

'she's really crazy'
"Oh, mom.. this is not right. this is my life, my future! I have my own right!" he's getting anger

"yes, yes, you are so right! but i don't want to see my son suffering, until now my son don't have any girlfriend!“ her mom mocked him

"come on, mom. I have my----" Kwon replied but Mrs Jo cutting him

"who? jessica? tiffany? jiyoung?"

"MOM!!" Kwon shouted

"see,, you're succsessful man, but you don't have ----"

"stop! alright alright mom. don't talk about that again" his cutting his mom. He didn’t want heard anything about that again.

“it's mean you agree with me?” he's mom smirked

"....." he can't said anyting. seems like his energy get flying elsewhere

"alright, two weeks later you'll be meet your fiancee, prepare yourself" he's mom clapped her hand

'you'll see mom, I will not let this engagement happen' Kwon swore


25 November 2010
At Street --- 1.35 PM

'This is so frustating. what's makes mom doing something like that' Kwon deeply thinking about his engagement with someone he doesn’t know. He looks at his watch, it's already 1.45 PM.
'Argh, why all those car just move a bit...' then He tried to look outside window

"What the---"

then Kwon realized what really happen in there because he keep thinking about that engagement, he didnt realized there an accident was happened and caused traffic jam

"Crap!" -Oh god-


enjoy it! :D

Would You Love Me? -CHAPTER 1-

Would You Love Me?


Seoul, South Korea, 25 November 2010
JK Corporation --- 9.15 AM

“mom, don’t do this to me!” Kwon almost begged to his mom.

“NO!” Mrs Jo replied him

“do you think I'm teenager? I'm 22 years, if you forget. I don't want engaged with anyone!
and I don't know—“ Kwon begin argued with his mom

“enough! we already talked about this” Mrs Jo cut him

“mom! I---“

-his mom staring at him-

“I know you don't like this, but you didn’t meet with her yet” said his mom

“alright, alright. but don't think i will agree with this engagement..”

“you'll like her, trust me.”

‘haha, you wish!’

“I'll leaving.."

while he's thinking he done talking with his mom..

“ah, Kwon-ah. don't forget to fetch her. Her plane will arrive at 2PM” his mom said

“WHAT?? oh, mom i have meeting this afternoon.”

“I asked changmin to replace you in the meeting. arasso?”

he's just sighed. ‘oh, god please help me’


Jo Kwon sighed while out from his mom office, Kwon is really felt frustated about his mother unexpected decission two weeks ago. He couldn’t imagining will married with someone he doesn’t know. But he can’t help it just agree with her. Or his mom will threating him.

‘No, No. I didn’t said agreeing it!’ Kwon shook his head

“aish, what happen with my mom. Didn’t see I don’t like that.
Argh...” Kwon nagged

“Kwon, KWON-AH!” shouted someone

“hyung! you scared me” his eyes widen

“haha sorry, dude“ Changmin nearing to him

“what's wrong hyung?” Kwon asked

“you're alright? you're just passed me, you know..” Changmin jokingly said

“do I like fine? my mom makes me sick.. she’s really ---“

“you know, you didn't meet your fiancee yet. I think you should just try it..” Changmin cut him

‘Who knows you’ll like her, Kwon..’ Changmin said whisperly
He didn’t dare told Kwon directly. He don’t want waste his time to hear Kwon nagging

“but, hyung.. argh! i don't want talking it anymore..this thing make me crazy” Kwon begin his nagged again

“I see that haha..”

“ah, hyung, about meeting..”

“don't think about it, you must fetch your fiancee right?”

“alright, by the way she's not my fiancee yet..”

‘yeah.. yeah, whatever kwon. I’ll looking forward what will be happen’ Changmin smiling looked his dongsaeng


this is my official first fanfiction, *iseng coba-coba*

I got inspiration while watching Indonesian drama XDD

warning : grammatical error and OOCness

hope you enjoy it!





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akhirnya besok tiba juga mw brangkat KKN.. huhuhu
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g relanya c karna g bisa online kyk biasa, g bisa ngecek LJ, blog2 artis fav
g bisa liat Shogo, Dori, Takkun dkk..

yah smoga selama 37hari d tempat org, smwnya berjalan lancar, slamat sampai tujuan n bisa balik lg k Bandung hehehe..

amin ya robbal 'alamin.