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Would You Love Me? -CHAPTER 1-

Would You Love Me?


Seoul, South Korea, 25 November 2010
JK Corporation --- 9.15 AM

“mom, don’t do this to me!” Kwon almost begged to his mom.

“NO!” Mrs Jo replied him

“do you think I'm teenager? I'm 22 years, if you forget. I don't want engaged with anyone!
and I don't know—“ Kwon begin argued with his mom

“enough! we already talked about this” Mrs Jo cut him

“mom! I---“

-his mom staring at him-

“I know you don't like this, but you didn’t meet with her yet” said his mom

“alright, alright. but don't think i will agree with this engagement..”

“you'll like her, trust me.”

‘haha, you wish!’

“I'll leaving.."

while he's thinking he done talking with his mom..

“ah, Kwon-ah. don't forget to fetch her. Her plane will arrive at 2PM” his mom said

“WHAT?? oh, mom i have meeting this afternoon.”

“I asked changmin to replace you in the meeting. arasso?”

he's just sighed. ‘oh, god please help me’


Jo Kwon sighed while out from his mom office, Kwon is really felt frustated about his mother unexpected decission two weeks ago. He couldn’t imagining will married with someone he doesn’t know. But he can’t help it just agree with her. Or his mom will threating him.

‘No, No. I didn’t said agreeing it!’ Kwon shook his head

“aish, what happen with my mom. Didn’t see I don’t like that.
Argh...” Kwon nagged

“Kwon, KWON-AH!” shouted someone

“hyung! you scared me” his eyes widen

“haha sorry, dude“ Changmin nearing to him

“what's wrong hyung?” Kwon asked

“you're alright? you're just passed me, you know..” Changmin jokingly said

“do I like fine? my mom makes me sick.. she’s really ---“

“you know, you didn't meet your fiancee yet. I think you should just try it..” Changmin cut him

‘Who knows you’ll like her, Kwon..’ Changmin said whisperly
He didn’t dare told Kwon directly. He don’t want waste his time to hear Kwon nagging

“but, hyung.. argh! i don't want talking it anymore..this thing make me crazy” Kwon begin his nagged again

“I see that haha..”

“ah, hyung, about meeting..”

“don't think about it, you must fetch your fiancee right?”

“alright, by the way she's not my fiancee yet..”

‘yeah.. yeah, whatever kwon. I’ll looking forward what will be happen’ Changmin smiling looked his dongsaeng


this is my official first fanfiction, *iseng coba-coba*

I got inspiration while watching Indonesian drama XDD

warning : grammatical error and OOCness

hope you enjoy it!


Dec. 2nd, 2010 06:06 am (UTC)
i love your fanfic yuukie!!! they really going to get married, don't they!??!? Gain is Kwon's fiancee right!?!?!? hehehe
Dec. 2nd, 2010 06:57 am (UTC)
Re: hehehe
anderei~ you found me! lol~

hmmm.. you'll see that haha, kidding kidding~ *kwon's style
yep, she is! kekeke

thanks for reading this and gave me comment ^^

please looking forward to new update next week~

thank you~ *hugs



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