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Would You Love Me? -CHAPTER 2-


10 November 2010
JK’s Mansion --- 7.10 PM

Kwon choked. "engaged? mom, I think I'm misheard you"

"my son, I've said that for ten times, and you've been asked that for millions times” said Jo Kwon's mom

"what's wrong with you mom?" he asked her mom. 'and I just said that twenty times' Kwon rolled his eyes

"nothing, I just want to see you married with someone.. I want retired and enjoy my old age with lovely grandchildren" his mom reasoned

"you're kidding mom!" Kwon didn't believe her mom

"why do you think I'm kidding you?" Mrs Jo asked

"this is so suddenly, unexpectedly!" 'and I don't have any plan get married this year!' Kwon really get nerves

"why not?" Mrs Jo asked him again

"you're crazy mom! I think you get influence by dramas.." he accused

"you think? oh, you're really smart my son!" his mother said with sparkled eyes

'she's really crazy'
"Oh, mom.. this is not right. this is my life, my future! I have my own right!" he's getting anger

"yes, yes, you are so right! but i don't want to see my son suffering, until now my son don't have any girlfriend!“ her mom mocked him

"come on, mom. I have my----" Kwon replied but Mrs Jo cutting him

"who? jessica? tiffany? jiyoung?"

"MOM!!" Kwon shouted

"see,, you're succsessful man, but you don't have ----"

"stop! alright alright mom. don't talk about that again" his cutting his mom. He didn’t want heard anything about that again.

“it's mean you agree with me?” he's mom smirked

"....." he can't said anyting. seems like his energy get flying elsewhere

"alright, two weeks later you'll be meet your fiancee, prepare yourself" he's mom clapped her hand

'you'll see mom, I will not let this engagement happen' Kwon swore


25 November 2010
At Street --- 1.35 PM

'This is so frustating. what's makes mom doing something like that' Kwon deeply thinking about his engagement with someone he doesn’t know. He looks at his watch, it's already 1.45 PM.
'Argh, why all those car just move a bit...' then He tried to look outside window

"What the---"

then Kwon realized what really happen in there because he keep thinking about that engagement, he didnt realized there an accident was happened and caused traffic jam

"Crap!" -Oh god-


enjoy it! :D



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