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Would You Love Me? -CHAPTER 5-


26 November 2010
Gain’s Room --- 5.55 AM

Gain woke up from her sleep and open her eyes slowly as she stretches her arms slightly.
She motionless for awhile then got up and leaned on her bed. Her eyes scanning at entire her room. She felt unfamiliar with her room. ‘Pabo, I’m in Seoul now’ she slapped her forehead.

She still feel tired although last night she slept quite soundly. Yesterday was an exhausting day for her. ‘Yeah, Waiting your-fiance-who-should-fetched-you for almost three hours. If I didn’t have jet-lagged, he won’t just fell like that. Hmph, just forget about him!’ Gain shook her head.

Moreover last night she couldn’t barely to rest immediately because the mother of her fiance.

*Last Night*

“Gain-ah!” Mrs. Jo hugged her as soon she arrived at JK Mansion.

“Auntie--” Gain bowed to Mrs. Jo properly.

“Aigoo, Gain-ah. Don’t call me auntie.. just call me ommonie, okay?”

“Omma!! Don’t said—“ Mrs. Jo interrupted before Kwon finish his the sentence.

“Why? She’s your fiancee right. Soon she will be my daughter in law. Gain-ah, just ignored him. Just call me ommonie, okay. You don’t mind right?” Mrs. Jo looked at Gain smilingly.

What she could do just nodded. She didn’t have guts to argued with Kwon’s mom.

“But she just arrived here--” Mrs. Jo once again interrupted him.

“Omo, you right! why do you came so late? I thought you’ll arrive this afternoon..” Mrs. Jo ask them and invited Gain to sit on sofa, Kwonnie just stood beside her.

“Aish- Omma! Can you listen me for a second!” Kwon feel irritated with his mom.

“Okay. So, why were you so late, huh? Mrs. Jo looked at her son demandly.

“Uhm, It’s because—“ Kwon felt uneasy, he didn’t know how should answer his mom. No doubt his mother would be give him lectures. ‘But judjing her looks, I think she already know’ he thought darkly.“I think you already know, mom” Kwon looked at his mom nervously. “But it’s not entirely my fault, who expected to stucked in traffic” he reasoned.

“I just want both of you arrive earlier, so we can have dinner together” Mrs. Jo smiled at Jo Kwon.
Gain-ah, are you hungry?” Mrs. Jo asked Gain.

Gain shook her head. “No, ommonie. I didn’t feel hungry” she answerd to Mrs. Jo

“You look so tired, I think you should rest now. The maid will guide and bring your luggages to your room” Mrs. Jo tapped her shoulder gently and smiled to Gain.

“Thank you, ommonie. Good night” she bowed politely to Mrs. Jo and walked towards the stairs followed the maid to her room.

Gain rushly went to clean up when she got in the room and threw herself into king-size bed. Immediately fell asleep in five minutes.

*Back to Present*

‘What a really day..’ she sighed. Gain peeked the clock in her room, it was six in the morning. She tried to sleep again and closed her eyes for a minutes but couldn’t go back to dreamland. Then she gave up and reached her phone on her bedside.

She saw some messages. Mostly from her mother who asked about her fiance, and she just ignored it. Then she found a familiar name.

“It’s from JeA-unnie!!” she was surprised and delighted that her dearest unnie text her.

Gain-ah! It’s been long time!
How could you not tell me if you’re back to Korea!
But Don’t feel surprised that I know you’re in Seoul already~ kekeke
I’m your unnie, right? ^_~
Let’s meet up today! I can’t wait to see my dongsaeng~
I love you~ – Your beautiful unnie

Gain quicky replied her text to her.

Woa~ unnie! I really miss you!
You still make me surprised! How do you know that I’m already in Seoul?!?
Ah, forget about it,, you know me very well unnie.. keke
Let’s meet up! I really miss you unnie~~ *^^ *
It’s so great if we meet today,, I love you too my beautiful unnie~~
- Gain

‘Woa~ It’s been a long time I didn’t meet JeA-unnie..”

Gain met with JeA four years ago, she’s her sunbae at their college. She was Gain’s favorite sunbae, besides Narsha and Miryo. She miss them so much after their graduated. JeA and Narsha were returned to Korea, while Miryo went to States.

“I’ll suggest to JeA unnie if we can reunite, I want meet with Narsha-unnie and Miryo-unnie too~” she decided.

Gain feel so joy and she decided to take a bath. She quickly moved from her king-size bed and go to bathroom, washing up and dressed-up nicely, and didn’t forget to put her eyeliner. “Great” she once again checking herself into mirror.

She looked the clock and saw it’s already 7.45 am. ‘Time to go to down now’ she thought.

Gain was still in the middle of stairs when she heard someone greeted .

“Good morning, Gain-ah”


sorry for late updating huhu~
super busied till next week..
kinda short and boring but I hope you like it~ ^^
enjoy and happy holiday!! see you next year~ ^^/~~



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